Let’s meditate with Supawan on Sunday at 2 pm GMT


Dear all,

   I hope this email finds you all well, safe and healthy. We are indeed going through the most challenging time of our lives. There is no doubt that some of you may experience anxiety, uncertainty and fear or simply being bombarded by your Jerry! Despite the turbulence we are facing, I do have high hope that the world (Gaia) will come out on the other side much better than where we were before with stronger bond among humanity and a healthier and fairer economic system.

   To help Gaia with the Ascension, we must try to keep up our inner strength so that we can maintain our positive thoughts and look forward to a better future for humanity. Meditation is the means enable us to gain the strength we all need right now. So, let's delve inside into our inner world and find that blissful stillness in the midst of the storm.

   My Thai students and I agreed to have a set time when we meditate together since last summer. It is every Sunday at 8 pm Thailand time, which is 2 pm UK time for tomorrow as we shall move the clock forward tonight. I would like to invite all of you to join us in this group meditation event. If you are elsewhere, please convert your local time to match with 2 pm GMT. I normally sit for 1 hour but you can sit however long you wish to.
   Once you reach that blissful state of mind, please send your love, light & peace to all the people you love and especially to all the hospital staff everywhere who are in the front line saving lives. May this blanket of love and light wrap their body and soul keep them safe, strong and healthy. Let's also extend our love and light to all the patients who have been hit by the virus. May this blanket of love and light wrap their bodies and soul, ease off their physical pain, sadness and loneliness in being separated from their loved ones. If one must make a transition, may they leave this earth plane in peace and reunite with their loved ones on the other side. May all our positive energy weaken the potency of Covid 19 making it becomes harmless to humans.
Thank you, all. Stay safe and well.
With metta,
Supawan XX


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