I have been attending the Wat Mahathat Buddisht Temple for nearly twelve months now, up until recently, Supawan Green has been gracing us with her presence.  Supawan was ordained as a Buddhist nun in 1977 and has travelled extensively over her career and has gained a wealth of knowledge to impart to us all.

I have attended various retreats before including a 10 day traditional  Vipassana course in India. So, I can reflect upon those intense and very strict practices, which I personally did find very powerful. Nevertheless, I know they are not accessible for the average people with jobs and family commitments or even the ability to sit crossed legged for so many hours a day!!!

An excellent and informative day at the Silent retreat on Saturday.   Your course outline certainly has me engaged and hopefully the others too. This is what this and other Thai Temples in the UK seem to be lacking to reach out to a western audience and in time hopefully the Sangha will see the value of this also.

I was asked by some good friends if I would like to attend a day of meditation at a Buddhist retreat. What I found, however, was much more than that. It was a lovely intuitive day of the teachings of the Buddha and had tied in a lot of loose elements for me.

I would like to say a heartfelt "thank you" to Supawan Green for your teaching's of meditation and Taichi at the retreat on Saturday. Upon meeting you at the Dhamma talk on Thursday, you taught a technique of meditation that I found more effective in enabling me to hold my concentration and for the first time I experienced a glimpse of what it's like for my mind to feel completely still, empty and free from thoughts, which I again experienced at the retreat.

Before attending today I would have dismissed Buddhist teaching as irrelevant and unenlightening, I have completely altered my perspective as a result of Supawan’s wonderful teaching and guidance. Her spontaneity and her obvious joy and pleasure in passing on the understanding is wonderful! I feel invigorated and inspired by what I have heard, seen and experienced today. Thank you.    Amanda



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