February 2020 update
26th Feb. 2020 
Dear all,
   I didn’t have a chance to write to you after my 8th of February course and here we are nearly at the end of the month already. As it was also the Makapucha Day, we had a chance to join the auspicious ceremony remembering the day that 1250 monks came to see the Buddha without any prior arrangement. All of those monks were fully enlightened and were ordained by the Buddha himself. The Buddha took that golden opportunity to ‘train the trainers’. He laid down the format of teaching for the enlightened monks to teach people, which are 1) refrain from all unwholesome deeds, 2) do all good deeds, 3) purify one’s mind by doing mindfulness meditation. This format of teaching has been passed down for two and a half millennia and is known as the heart of Buddhism.
   I was so pleased to have Akiko Igarachi in my February class too. She is a Reiki and Tibetan Singing Bowl master and has a retreat centre in Koh Yao Noi, Thailand. I asked her to share her knowledge with us on Sunday the 9th, which she was very happy to do. It was a shame that the weather was bad which meant we had a few cancellations but the seven of us really had a great time on that day. Her friendly, humbly and enchanting personality touched our hearts. I would like to take this opportunity to thank and express my gratitude to Akiko for her enlightening knowledge and friendship.
   In my February course, I encouraged my students to fully embrace the NOW; where you can experience wholeness, peace and stillness inwardly. Life is made up of individual and ongoing NOW moments, the only reality that truly exists. Past and future only exist in our thoughts/Jerry and are never real. Our real existence is only the NOW, which sadly people seem to rush and want to get it over with quickly instead of embracing it. We tend to rush from this NOW to the next NOW and the next NOW with the hope that there might be something more exciting and interesting than this very NOW. In the end, we miss the art of living in eternal peace and harmony, which make us WHOLE. This very concept connects us directly to my course. Meditation is the tool that can help you to be in the NOW without rushing it. Embracing the NOW is the art of living allowing you to experience the awesome blissful wholeness. My course & workshop will delve into this subject and bring forward this wonderful experience.
   Finally, may I remind you of the 14th March course at Kings Bromley and the advanced course on the 11th April, I really would like you to consider joining. You will learn exactly how to embrace the NOW. Let’s put this concept in practice and put the destiny of life in to our own hands.
Please email me if you wish to join the course. Look forward to seeing you.
With metta,


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