I have been attending the Wat Mahathat Buddisht Temple for nearly twelve months now, up until recently, Supawan Green has been gracing us with her presence.  Supawan was ordained as a Buddhist nun in 1977 and has travelled extensively over her career and has gained a wealth of knowledge to impart to us all.  Her 'Bring your Mental Self Back Home' classes and teaching methods are clear and precise and are a joy to attend. I recently attended a Retreat Day at Wat Mahathat Temple which was led by Supawan and it turned out to be a very rewarding experience for me.  Dhamma teachings were followed by mindfulness meditation and an afternoon of Tai Chi Qi Gong - something I had never done before and I look forward to my next class with Supawan.  Under the guidance of Supawan's Buddhist teachings, I am starting to gain more of an in-depth knowledge about the purpose of life and how to strive toward gaining inner peace through meditation.  I am slowly but surely learning how to put my own mental clutter in order and that is all thanks to both the Monks at the Temple and to Supawan. 


Saundra (Armitage)

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