I was asked by some good friends if I would like to attend a day of meditation at a Buddhist retreat. What I found, however, was much more than that. It was a lovely intuitive day of the teachings of the Buddha and had tied in a lot of loose elements for me.
Supawan welcomed us to the temple and began to share how important the teachings of Buddha are in modern times. In a material world our minds become easily clouded by distractions; during my time there I was able to understand and utilise the tools that Supawan applied to the group. 
Following a lovingly made Thai lunch, we began to learn Tai Chi Qi gong using the breathing techniques from the meditation. 
The whole day was very fluid, I believe that anyone who feels like they stuck in a rat race would benefit greatly from this experience, it has opened my eyes up to the truth of inner peace.
Chris  (Cannock, Staffs)
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