I would like to say a heartfelt "thank you" to Supawan Green for your teaching's of meditation and Taichi at the retreat on Saturday. Upon meeting you at the Dhamma talk on Thursday, you taught a technique of meditation that I found more effective in enabling me to hold my concentration and for the first time I experienced a glimpse of what it's like for my mind to feel completely still, empty and free from thoughts, which I again experienced at the retreat. It was emotional to experience that, for what I think was the first time ever for me and to realise that it is possible to achieve a state of 'peace of mind' with your meditation techniques. Your wisdom, passion and kindness comes across in your teachings and I really enjoyed the experience. I write this to thank you and hope that others can find your methods of teaching meditation helpful too and to experience a state of 'peace of mind' for themselves.
With metta,
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